Print Trade Missionaries

Thanks to all the quick print pros that over the last 24 years have passed on the QPP publishing schedule to recommended trade suppliers.

Here to share once more, are the publishing plans for 2022, along with our new QPP media pack.

QPP 2022 Media Pack Download link.

I am so looking forward to a positive new year in print.

Great news this morning to hear that the Cambridge Dictionary’s Word of the Year 2021 is Perseverance.

Just got to keep trying to place this in print, let me know how you get on.

Peter, Perpetual in Print, Foulkes

QPP Publishing Schedule 2022

Print Issues      Copy Deadlines      Publishing Dates

February           17th January           1st February
March               21st February           4th March
April                   21st March              1st April
May                  19th April                   1st May
June                 16th May                   1st June
July/August       20th June                  1st July
September        22nd August          1st September
October           19th September        1st October
November        17th October            1st November
Dec/January      21st November      1st December

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