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Next year we will be getting more into trees.

Aim to promote your green credentials in your 2022 marketing. Assisting your customers carbon footprint has never been more important.

Take a leaf out of our book by teaming up with Premier Paper and the Woodland Trust with the carbon capture initiative we have been involved with since 2018.

New for 2022

As usual at this time of year the QPP team will be hitting R&D between the sheets. We have eight weeks before collating the next magazine, to locate the best wise men in print and further our research and development into the frontline of print.

The agenda is already being set by reader requests including an easy first step web shop, unmask the DTF process, training and access to helpful print blogs.

Send me your wish list.

Peter, always in development, Foulkes

Between The Sheets

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Hot news in print for quick print pros

8 New Products
What’s new to print and finish with?

14 Digital Imagery
Martin Christie – pixel prophet

16 PIP People In Print
Top movers and shakers

18/19 Christmas Spread
Less than 20ish shopping days to go

20 Print Fashion Feature
Richard Quinn with Epson technology

22 Paper Round Up
Myths, facts and awards

24 Exhibitions Bounce Back
Showtime preview

26 Green Issues
Practice responsibility in print

28 New Profit Centre
Best practice shared

32 Finda Product / Supplier
QPP preferred suppliers in print

34 Readers Scribes
These jokes are on you